Range Cooker Deals

What to look for in range cooker deals?

For most people, the choice of range cookers is a reflection of their lifestyle, how they entertain and even their technical savviness.  With range cookers offering more cooking space in terms of more ovens, more hob burners and other features, they can turn anyone into a potential MasterChef.

Range cooker deals come in the form of dual fuel, electric and gas.  Most, if not all, of them offer multifunction such as slow-cook ovens, fan assisted ovens or pyrolytic ovens.  The choices are only limited by your cooking and entertaining ambitions.

Why your existing fuel supply can scupper range cooker deals?

If you don’t already have both gas and electricity supply to your current cooker, you need to consider the cost of adding the supply.  What looks like great range cooker deals may turn out to be a bad deal once you added in the cost to supply gas or electricity.

For example, victorian or edwardian houses with cellars tend to have gas and electricity supplies in the cellar.  To run an electricity supply from a cellar to the kitchen could be an all day job.  It may involve chiselling a channel in the plaster work to house the cable and make good the plaster again.  This could add another £300 onto your range cooker deals depending on what work needs to be done.

Hob types

GAS HOBS.  Beware of range cooker deals where older range cookers are on offer.  For safety, all dual fuel and gas cookers should be fitted with Flame Supervision Devices (FSD).   FSD shuts off the gas automatically if the flame accidentally goes out – so preventing gas leaks and possible gas explosion.

CERAMIC HOBS.  Ceramic is an easy to clean and stylish to look at hob.  Contrary to belief, they can be heated by electric and gas so you can get electric ceramic hobs, ceramic induction hobs and gas ceramic hobs (gas glass hob).  If style is at the top of your list, then ceramic hobs might be for you.  However, be aware heat distribution and control  can be more tricky with ceramic hobs.