Kenwood Dual Fuel Cooker Range

In our freestanding Kenwood Dual Fuel Cooker range we have

  • CK405 - a 90cm Twin Cavity Black Range Cooker
  • CK305 - a 90cm Single Cavity Black Range Cooker
  • CK315A - a 90cm Single Cavity Black Range Cooker
  • CK231DF - a 60cm Double Oven Black Cooker

The Kenwood Dual Fuel Cooker range brings together spacious ovens, grill, gas hobs and wok burner in four beautiful, high quality designs.

CK405 • Twin cavity black range cooker - Dual fuel

90 cm Stainless steel gas cooktop
Two electric ovens:
- Main cavity Fan oven and grill
- Smaller cavity conventional oven and grill
Energy rating main oven ‘A’, smaller oven ‘B’

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CK305 • Single cavity black range cooker - Dual fuel

90 cm Stainless steel gas cooktop
Fan oven with electric grill (4 functions)
Energy rating ‘C’
5 gas burners including a 3.5kW Triple ring burner

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CK315A • Single cavity black range cooker - Dual fuel

90 cm Professional style stainless steel gas cooktop
Multifunction electric oven with electric grill (8 functions)
Full electronic cooking programmer
Energy rating ‘A’

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CK231-DF • Double oven black range style cooker - Dual Fuel

60cm Stainless steel gas cooktop
Two Electric ovens:
- Top oven: Conventional cooking plus electric grill
- Lower oven: Fan oven

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Kenwood Dual Fuel Cooker Range • Details

Our 90cm range cookers are perfect for a large household.  They boast massive ovens and are packed with features designed to make cooking easier, simpler, productive and effective.  Our dual fuel cookers bring classic style, functionality and high quality you've come to expect from Kenwood to your kitchen.

Preparing food for a family occasion has never been easier with our 90cm ranger cookers, which features a 100 litre capacity immense oven.  Cooking times are reduced with the fan heated oven, which circulates hot air around the oven.  The fan heated oven also allows food to be cooked at lower temperatures resulting in tender and succulent roasts.  As the fan distributes heat evenly around the oven, it is also idea for baking your favourite cake or bread.

Large meals like roast turkeys, rib-eye of beef and joints of pork and lamb are all easily accommodated - the large capacity means there are plenty of room left over for all the trimmings.

You also don't have to worry about over-cooked food because of the built-in timer.

When you have finished cooking, a cooling fan helps to lower the oven temperature down as quickly as possible – this safety feature helps to reduce potential accidents.

Our 90cm Kenwood dual fuel cooker range of cookers has 5 auto ignition gas burners - with heavy duty cast iron pas supports - which allow lots of room for your pots and pans.   You are also protected from any accidental gas leak (should a flame be extinguished) with a flame supervision device guards.

Finally, with our 90cm range, you get a handy storage drawer providing space for your baking trays and roasting tins.

With it's large 57 litre main over capacity, the 60 cm range-style double cooker offers plenty of cooking space. The electric oven provides further cooking convenience with a fully programmable timer control.

Each Kenwood dual fuel cooker oven is lined with easy-clean enamel.  This means the interior can be wiped clean effortlessly, so making scrubbing the oven a thing of the past.

The hobs have cast-iron supports with the 90cm cookers incorporating a triple-ring wok burner. This provides intensive heat for delicious Chinese stir-fry meals.

Every Kenwood dual fuel cooker comes with a flame-safety device feature.  This automatically cut-off the gas if the flame was to be extinguished for any reason.

The 60cm cooker comes with a variable grill in the secondary oven.   This allows you to heat up a quick tasty grilled sandwich or a cheese on toast snack.

Our contemporary cookers have been manufactured with a professional steel top for a high build quality design finish and durability.

Our Kenwood Dual Fuel Cooker range is a stand-out choice for any kitchen.